Further Reading

No book will turn you into a singer. But great singers and singing teachers have shared some precious wisdom in written form. And we need to be perpetually challenged and refreshed with new ideas. Books I have found most useful include:

Author Title Published
Lamperti, G.B. Vocal Wisdom New York 1957
Herbert-Caesari, E. The Voice of the Mind London 1996
Dayme, M. & Vaughn, C. The Singing Book New York 2004
Husler & Rodd-Marling Singing: The Physical Nature of the Vocal Organ London 1976
Hemsley, Thomas Singing and imagination London 1998
Gallwey, Timothy The Inner Game of Tennis London 1984
Legge, Anthony The Art of Auditioning London 2001

Websites worth checking out: My own teacher Malcolm King :

Another inspiring teacher, Ron Murdock: